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Apalachee Starbucks Store

This is a catalog store for our students to have the opportunity to spend the starbucks that they have earned.   The Storekeepers will give their grade level  teachers student order forms each month.  The Classroom Teachers pass out the student order forms and assist students as needs to select 3 items, cross out items not purchased, and make sure the correct number of starbucks is at hand.  The School Volunteers will fill the student orders on the designated Friday in exchange for the students' starbucks.
K - Gail Beck
1 - Marilyn Andrews
2 - Amon Rwito
3 - Debra Fogler
4 - Sara Wallace
5 - Nicole Carter

Storekeeper Directions:

1.  Give each teacher their direction sheet and enough student order forms for their class.

2.  Make sure each teacher is giving their students a chance to participate.

3.  Remind your teachers of the date and time the store orders will be filled.

Teacher  Directions:

1.  Give each child a student order form – they need to write your name, their name, and their grade.

2.  Assist them in selecting 3 items (less if they are saving) that they have enough starbucks for.

3.  With permanent marker – have them write number “1” for the items they want and cross out items not to be purchased.  Primary  teachers may need to help their children. 

4.  Students (or primary teachers) add the amount of starbucks needed, write the total spent at the top of the order form, and students check to see if they have enough starbucks.    

5.  Permanent marker will be bold enough for the volunteers to see quickly in order to fill orders and eliminate changes on the way to the store.

6.  You will have a scheduled time to either send a few kids if not many are ordering or bring your class if most are shopping.

7.  At the scheduled time – kids carry their order form and their “wallet” of starbucks.

8.  They go in the old drama room and sit on the floor.  Volunteers will call them up a couple at a time to fill their order. 

9.  Students will count out their starbucks to the volunteers.



Your catalog is shared by 2 grade levels – so 8 - 9 classes are buying the same items.  We predict that there are enough  of each item for those classes but it is hard to know which items  will be the popular ones.  The store is very small.


Parent Volunteer Directions:


1.  The students should sit on the floor and wait for you to call them up. 

2.  When items run out, substitute with another item of the same price, but first check the other catalogs to make sure the new item is not for sale this month.

3.  Remember not to substitute blue tag items for K and 1. 

4.  Each student should have no more than 3 items to purchase. 

5.  Fill the order and have the student count the starbucks out for you.

6.  Tear the starbucks in half to prevent temptation.